• Establishing a solid gym habit

    || There are a few steps to establishing a solid gym habit || We’ve got the first step covered in order to make your resolution stick! When you join Beyond, you join not only a community but a safe & supportive environment with: – Great workouts – Awesome trainers – Yoga & Pilates – Boxing

  • Let’s Toast to that!

    Does anyone else dream about breakfast when its only dinner time? Or is it just us? We just stumbled across this video of “Energy-boosting Toasts” And man are we drooling at the mouth… But isn’t bread no good? Isn’t it banned from our pantry especially if we are trying to lose weight? Isn’t bread the

  • The benefits of practising Yin Yoga

    〰️ Yoga 〰️ Have you tried Yin yoga yet? If you’re tired and craving energy, or you’re overstimulated with a racing mind, it might just be the answer. Here’s a few things to know about yin yoga from our resident Yoga teacher Carla; 🌀 breathing in and out through your nose will bring new energy,