• Correct your Car Driving Posture

    Correct your Car Driving Posture

    Moves & Posture for Driving Clients frequently come to me complaining about neck and back pain. Quite often, they are guilty of driving for long periods of time for work or leisure. The good news is that strengthening the core, and in turn, the postural muscles, can help prevent and relieve those bothersome aches. Take

  • Improve your dormant butt ;-)

    Improve your dormant butt šŸ˜‰

    Blog Part 2ā€¦.No more knee pain,hip pain or lower back pain ā€¦.. Try this exercises at home : Exercise #1: Swimming Prep: Lie face down on an exercise mat, arms stretched out in front of you and legs long underneath you. Raise your head and look straight down. Lift the arms and legs in one

  • Do you have a dormant butt?

    Do you have a dormant butt?

    Knee pain? Hip tightness? Low back issues? According toĀ research, the problem just might be your butt.Ā More specifically, it may be what scientists are calling “dormantĀ butt syndrome.”Ā I know what you’reĀ thinking: there’s no way your problems could be traced back to your rump. Except that it may very well be exactly that. In the years of being