• Importance of Gluteal Muscles

    by Fiona Smith (Beyond Pilates Instructor) The muscles in your bottom are the largest in your body, and chances are you spend a good amount of time sitting on them. If your strength training is not having the desired effect, or you are having back, hip or knee pain, it could be that your glutes


    What is it? A highly effective, highly functional exercise that uses your entire body. What you need? Choose between a kettlebell or dumbbell What are the benefits? Improved shoulder stability, core strength, mobility and leg drive. Do enough of these and your overall strength will improve immensley The good & the bad: This is a

  • This is why we Squat!

    This is why we squat! This is why we squat! This is why… This is why… This is why we squat! We squat ‘cause we fly If you don’t then your not!   Movement and exercise helps us keep fit and healthy as well as keeping pain and injury at bay. When done correctly simple squats are