• Plate Thrusters 101

    If you could use only one exercise to burn fat and get fit, which one would it be? There are dozens of great options, but one of our favourites at Beyond is the simple plate thruster. It is a very simple and easy move that is a total-body exercise. It will burn calories and boost

  • The Almighty Burpee

    If you’ve trained with us at Beyond then you are no stranger to the almighty burpee. Yes, they may be the worst exercise ever created by man… but they have major benefits:  Burpees make your body a fat burning machine  They are an intense fully body exercise  They burn a ton of calories  Research shows

  • Establishing a solid gym habit

    || There are a few steps to establishing a solid gym habit || We’ve got the first step covered in order to make your resolution stick! When you join Beyond, you join not only a community but a safe & supportive environment with: – Great workouts – Awesome trainers – Yoga & Pilates – Boxing