• Improve your dormant butt ;-)

    Improve your dormant butt 😉

    Blog Part 2….No more knee pain,hip pain or lower back pain ….. Try this exercises at home : Exercise #1: Swimming Prep: Lie face down on an exercise mat, arms stretched out in front of you and legs long underneath you. Raise your head and look straight down. Lift the arms and legs in one

  • Tumeric and Cinnamon Iced Tea

    Turmeric – Hot or Cold Serves 2 Ingredients 1-2 tablespoons of English Black Tea or Oolong Tea 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1/8 tsp turmeric 1 tsp 100% maple syrup or raw honey Method Add all ingredients to your tea pot Add boiling water, let steep for 2-5 minutes For a cooler option – allow to cool

  • So you need help creating success with your health?

    So you need help creating success with your health?

    Creating a Successful HEALTH Mindset- its simple. First thing is having clarity, you cannot achieve anything without a clear picture of your starting point and your best outcome. Achieve Clarity with: 1. Clearly written goals 2. Written inspired vision 3. Vision board 4. Coach/Coaching/Accountability 5. Visualization Contact Shane today : shane@beyondtransformation.com.au