• Less is more!

    Everyone has different goals and reasons to exercise- but when it comes down to what we hear the most as personal trainers there is a top 3! Health, Weight Loss and Toning Up! This week’s blog is going to discuss them and what really is the best way to trim the FAT and do it

  • The Furious 5 for Fit and Lean ARMS!

    The furious 5 for fit looking arms! Forget dumbbell and cable based workouts at the gym if you want strong, toned arms, all you really need is your own body weight and some serious motivation! Reptile push-ups Reptile push-ups not only look pretty fierce, they’re also great for working your arms as well as your

  • Make your life a Best seller

    “Life is a Story, Make your the Best Seller!” 3 HOT TIPS. They may sound simple but these 3 little tips have maximum positive benefit to you and your HEALTH! 1. Drink plenty of water! Also remember to have a couple of glasses of water before each meal, it will prevent you from over eating!