• Members News: How to use Zen Planner App to reserve your class

    Members News: How to use Zen Planner App to reserve your class

    Here at Beyond The Ultimate Transformation we use the Zen Planner app with all our Members. It is super easy to install from the iTune Store here.


    zen planner app

    Download the Zen Planner App Here


    Once you have installed the App please login using your email and password we assigned to you when you joined us. If you have any problems at all please see us at reception when are next at the gym.

    We have chosen Zen Planner as our software of preference to help you: 

    • View our gym calendar on your smart phone
    • We advise you to please reserve your spot in one of our class esor join a waitlist
    • You can view each class details and instructor bios
    • See who else is coming to your favourite class
    • Update your profile and display options
    • View and manage your upcoming reservations

    – Go to multiple gyms? Log in to all of your Zen Planner accounts, in one place
    – Workout Tracking: View a workout, log results, view your gym’s leaderboard, like or comment on others’ results

    Zen Planner for App

    From next year we will advise all our members to book your classes on Zen Planner and then login to the App.

    To check out Members only news make sure you visit our Group on Facebook Here. 

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