Starting a fitness journey is a slow and steady process. It’s never perfect in the beginning and it really starts with little changes, not big dramatic makeovers. The goal is to change a lifetime of not so good habits into new, healthier ways of living. This doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly isn’t easy.

Small changes in the foods we eat (and drink) can actually lead to big results. After I look at a food log, I start with only minor modifications. It could be eating breakfast or adding more vegetables. Or, it could be making easy food substitutions.

Here are three simple, good-for-you food swaps that you can make today!


Swap! White Rice for Quinoa


  • Nutrient rich with great health benefits
  • Naturally gluten-free when not cross-contaminated during processing.
  • High in dietary fiber, more than white or brown rice.
  • High in minerals
  • Promotes gut health with its inflammatory abilities.
  • Higher amount of polyunsaturatedand monounsaturated fat compared to other grains, and they both help in lowering cholesterol levels and reduce potential risks of heart disease, and other heart health complications.


Swap! Vegetable oil for Macadamia Oil 

Macadamia oil

  • Composed primarily of omega-3 fatty acids, which research has found to be effective in the treatment and prevention of a variety of different kinds of conditions, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Popular addition to salad dressings
  • Can also be used for frying due to its high heat tolerance.


Swap! Iceberg Lettuce for Spinach


  • High in potassium—about 167 milligrams per cup
  • Spinach has almost three times more calcium, iron and potassium than leaf lettuce.

Iceberg lettuce ranks low in nutrients — not to mention flavour.

The darker the vegetable, the more nutrients you’re going to get. Using baby spinach in place of iceberg on sandwiches and in salads will give you more folic acid, iron and flavour in your next lunch.


Try these 3 simple swaps and let us know how you go in the comments below.

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