Next time you’re thinking about training to get MORE sleep you might want to consider this….

1. To function at your peak, you need to get eight hours

There’s nothing magic about that number.

Everyone has different sleep requirements, and you’ll know you’re getting enough when you don’t feel like nodding off at work or if your partner is talking too much over coffee!

2. If you can get it, more sleep is always healthier

You wish jelly fish!

Studies have shown that people who slept more than eight hours a night died younger than people who got between six and eight hours (say whaaaat?)

What scientists don’t know yet: Whether sleeping longer causes poor health or is a symptom of it!?!?!

Long sleepers may suffer from problems such as sleep apnea, depression, or uncontrolled diabetes that make them spend more time in bed.

3. Some people function perfectly on four hours of sleep

Too little sleep is bad for your health and your image: It can make you ineffective (it impairs performance, judgment, and your ability to pay attention and absorb information), sick (it weakens your immune system MASSIVELY), and overweight (YEP!).

In fact, women who slept five hours or less a night were a third more likely to gain weight than women who slept seven hours, according to a Harvard Nurses’ Health Study.

Strangely enough, cutting too much sleep and getting less than six hours is associated with the same problems as sleeping too long (how confusing!) a higher risk of heart problems and death.

And, of course, cheating on sleep hurts you behind the wheel: “Wakefulness for 18 hours makes you perform almost as though you’re legally drunk,” (Uh OH!)

4. Waking up during the night means you’ll be tired all day

NOT True: It might be your natural cycle.

Many animals sleep this way, and there are a lot of indications that our ancestors did, too, perhaps stirring nightly to talk or have sex, says scientist Thomas Wehr.

When 15 people in one of his studies lived without artificial lights for a few weeks, they wound up sleeping three to five hours, waking up for one or two, then sleeping again for four or more hours — and they said they had never felt so rested. Hmmmmmm……

So moral of the story- if you have had your 8 hours and you are about to roll over and hit snooze, when you should be jumping up and running to a training session, think twice

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