Spring is nearly over and we will be enjoying a WARM welcome from Summer very soon!
Have you taken advantage of the last couple of months to spring clean?
And we aren’t talking about a 10 day water fast or 3 day juice cleanse.
If you haven’t already… then it’s not too late to freshen up and prepare yourself for the upcoming months and the New Year.
From the kids’ bedrooms to the bathroom, moving onto the cupboards, the pantry, the garden and even your health goals! We will be attacking them all from top to bottom and getting them SUMMER ready!

Excited now?

Let me here you say “I am ready to start spring cleaning!”

Okay! Let’s GO!


Declutter Time

Before you officially start your Spring Cleaning, grab three bags, boxes or laundry baskets.  Place everything that does not belong in the bedrooms into one of the baskets, place anything that you will be donating in another, and place all garbage in the third.  Take any dirty laundry down to the washing machine and put away anything that is left in the room.

It can be very overwhelming to start a spring clean but at the end you will be feeling sooooo fresh and so CLEAN! Ready for the festive season!

Putting together a checklist will help you keep on track and give you the satisfaction of ticking things off while you go. Let’s see what we can come up with right now….

  • Clothes & shoes (too small, too big, old, worn or you haven’t worn in the last 12 months) – Donate to an opshop
  • Linen Cupboard (how many towels do you reaaallllly need?)
  • Bathroom (let’s finish off all those half full conditioners and give everything a good scrub!)
  • Kid’s room (have your kids get involved and educate them, maybe suggest they collect some toys they no longer want and donate to a family in need)
  • Garage (this may be the place where all the ‘stuff’ gets stored… did someone say garage sale?!)


Pantry and fridge clean-out

The best way to tackle this task is to completely empty the fridge and pantry first. Wipe down the shelves and walls to eliminate any sticky spots and funky smells, and remove any ice build-up that may contribute to your fridge or freezer running inefficiently. Make sure things are dry before you start loading things back in.

The restocking process will give you a chance to eyeball everything you’ve got in stock. Check expiry dates on all your items, and check your opened items haven’t spoiled or become infested with creepy crawlies. You can also take the opportunity to rethink some of your food and beverage choices – if those sugary and salty snacks don’t align with your springtime health goals, give them the flick!

Set some health goals

With the days getting longer and the weather warming up, spring is the perfect time to set some new health goals. Everyone talks about having a beach body in time for summer, but it’s important to set health goals that are suitable for your circumstances and are achievable and sustainable.

If you’re keen to build your fitness with a new workout routine, you might like to try one of our classes – we’ve got something for everyone, so there’s no excuse! Being surrounded by likeminded people and having a regular workout together has heaps of health benefits which you can read about here.


Spring is the perfect time to be planting herbs and seeds in the veggie patch so you can reap the rewards of a thriving garden throughout the warmer months. Give your garden beds a good weeding and then lay down some fresh mulch to keep your plants happy and the weeds away. Repot any plants that have outgrown their current home.

Keep an eye on your newly sown garden to ensure seedlings are getting enough water. Watering in the morning before the heat of the day is best.

We hope this has motivated you to Spring Clean!


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