Meet The Directors of “Beyond” and Their Journey…

I started off as a young Tradie going out every weekend drinking, partying too much and was living a life which most people think of as normal or typical of young males.

After an altercation one night, where i was badly beaten up. Something had to change and thats when i enrolled in my first Brazilian Jujitsu class. From making this shift and seeing the impact of a healthy lifestyle through physical exercise and clean eating i decided i needed a career change.

After a conversation with my Mixed Martial Arts Coach Vincent Perry he suggested i become a Personal Trainer. I enrolled at the Australian Institute of Fitness and made the first step into my new life.

After completing my course I was dedicated to help everyone into a healthier lifestyle of living. Not only did it change me as a person into understanding that when keeping active you are a more happier and healthier person.

After 12 Months i decided i need a further challenge in life and whilst training my clients I undertook intense training back into competitive Mixed Martial Arts with my goal to enter the Reality TV Series “The Ultimate Fighter”. Unfortunately i was unable to win my last 3 fights and even though i was very disappointed within myself i found the positive aspect. I still achieved what i set out to do with not the result i wanted but that is life. I was even more motivated now to take my Business as a personal trainer to the next level.

Im really excited about the future and am motivated as ever to help people achieve their health and fitness goals