Our Approach to Classes

We believe that varying exercises and changing ones lifestyle is the only way to achieve a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Kid’s Program

We run a Active Kids Holiday Program that operates every school holiday period. The main activities include:

  • Kid’s Boxing
  • Yoga
  • Conditioning

We also run regular kid’s boxing training program during term time to help instil discipline, self-defence and a feeling of overall achievement, all while having fun.


Holistic Lifestyle

We think of every person as a whole – we look to address flexibility, cardio, strength, nutrition and attitude through a balanced and customised fitness program. We are with you every step of the way to achieve your goals.

We help you to become fitness enthusiastic and health conscious, so you can reach you fitness goals quicker, and sustain a better lifestyle for longer.


  • Customised exercise program
  • Nutrition advice and meal plans
  • Goal setting and attitude tuning
  • Group encouragement, support and motivation




Personal Training

1 on 1 Personal Training is specifically for clients that really want to get results – fast.

Most of our clients do a mixture of Personal Training and Group Classes to maximise results.


  • Achieve faster and better results
  • Reduce chance of injury
  • Improve muscle tone and posture
  • Learn advanced training techniques
  • Get constant support and motivation




Group Classes

Whether you are looking for a relaxing yoga class or a high energy physical workout, we have a great range of classes to suit you and your goals. Work with a group of likeminded members that want to take their fitness to the next level, learn the basic techniques and progress at your pace through various exercises and levels of conditioning.

Just show up! The instructor will help you with everything else.

Group Exercise is the best place for a new person to get started! No matter your fitness level or experience, our instructors are ready to coach you through an incredible class.


  • Group encouragement, support and motivation
  • Improve muscle tone and posture
  • Learn basic techniques
  • Group competitions




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