• 10 Minute Foam Roller for Back Pain

    Supported Bridge – 30 seconds Hip Flexor Release – Alternating legs – Hold for 30 Seconds Lower Back Massage – Rocking side to side – 30 Seconds Supported Twist – Alternating sides – 30 seconds each Cactus Arms – 15 Reps Snow Angels – 15 reps Overhead Reach – 20 reps Reach to the sky

  • Real Men Do Pilates!

    We all know there are many benefits to exercising. It gives us more energy, it’s great for our health, and it’s key in maintaining a healthy weight. When we think of exercise we often think of all-out, high intensity running, cycling or sports and aerobics. But it might surprise you to learn that one of

  • Importance of Gluteal Muscles

    by Fiona Smith (Beyond Pilates Instructor) The muscles in your bottom are the largest in your body, and chances are you spend a good amount of time sitting on them. If your strength training is not having the desired effect, or you are having back, hip or knee pain, it could be that your glutes