Back in 2014 I presented my very first motivational seminar to a group of 50+ Beyond the Ultimate clients and friends. It was an amazing night and a huge step forward for me. I have discovered how passionate I am about motivating people and definitely want to do more of these talks in the future so watch this space!

The crowd after my chat! Thanks to everyone who came & supported my first gig!

What I have learnt most from the last couple of weeks is the importance of feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

How often do we stop ourselves from doing something for the fear of being judged, failing, being embarrassed or making a mistake?

So we tend to stick inside our comfort zone, with no real room to grow or evolve!

Was I scared about doing my first presentation, and was I worried about sharing my own very personal journey, HELL YEAH!

But did I let the fear stop me.. NO! And now I have awakened a new and exciting passion for presenting and I’m so glad I took the leap!

Try it yourself! You will be pleasantly surprised! Do you have something you’ve always wanted to try/do but have been to fearful? Step out of your own way and give it a go, I can promise you that even if you don’t succeed 100% you will LEARN, GROW and feel extremely satisfied for giving it a GO!

When I did my chat at the gym I shared a few pointers for achieving your goals.

Shane’s 3 pearls of wisdom.

  1. Turn a negative into a positive
  2. Get a coach
  3. Believe in yourself

They are not all of the ingredients to a success plan but they are VERY important factors! Especially number 2! I have many coaches and mentors in my life- like Vince for my MMA, Trevor for my Speaking and Kelly for my business! Even coaches have coaches! It’s ok to ask for help!

On Friday I took another huge step when my client and mentor Kelly Lowry asked me to speak at the International Day Trading Academy annual conference- this time to a packed room of 150 people! It was an amazing experience and another huge opportunity for me to GROW & share my PASSION! I chatted to them about VISION, showed them so at home exercises they could do to get their bodies moving after long hours in front of the computer (which comes with being a Trader)! Do you think I might have been a bit nervous standing in front of a room of 150 strangers- YEP! Did I do it anyway- YEP!

FEAR- stands for False Evidence Appearing Real- never let your own illusion of FEAR stop you from being, doing and achieving all that you want to be and MORE!

Me with Kelly at the IDTA Annual Conference

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