The swing can be done with 1 or 2 hands.

What are the Kettlebell swing benefits?

1) Kettlebells are highly efficient and allow you to do fitness and weight training in one workout at the same time.

2) Swings help to develop the important posterior chain muscles of the body such as the hamstrings, glutes, core and back. These muscles are often overlooked with traditional weight training but they are crucial for a large number of sports as these muscles are heavily involved in sprinting, jumping and other explosive movements!

3) Swings work the abs and strengthen the core muscles as they provide a stable platform for other muscles to pull from.

4) Another key benefit of kettlebell swings is that they train all parts of the back from the lower back all the way to traps. They train all the muscles together giving you a great compound workout.

5) High rep swings also develop back endurance, research says that it can have a very positive effect on the reduction of back injuries.

6) Swings are a fantastic conditioner and body fat burner. More and more studies are concluding that greater body fat burning occurs when training is performed at higher intensity levels rather than long slow endurance type training

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