Everyone has different goals and reasons to exercise.

But when it comes down to what we hear the most as personal trainers there is a top 3!

  1. Health
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Toning Up

This week’s blog is going to discuss them and what really is the best way to trim the FAT and do it FAST!

Human Growth Hormone


You should all know that the major contributor to this will be what you put in your body on a daily basis, not to sound cliche but you are what you EAT! Another major player in health is to stimulate the release of human growth hormone (HGH) on a regular basis. This is like opening a parachute on ageing and slowing the whole process down, increasing vitality and preventing muscle wastage.

What’s the best way to produce HGH? Short bursts of significant exertion along with brief rest periods. Rowing, cycling, sprinting  and even yoga are all good. But using weights &/or kettlebells are excellent (BURPEES are a prime example for all of my BTUT CREW). These can challenge the muscles very quickly in very few sets. The great thing about these exercises is that there are countless studies showing that they improve insulin sensitivity, prevent muscle wastage and actually lower insulin levels. This is a really cool thing because the less insulin you produce, the better your health and longevity. And remember, if insulin is present in the body, the body can’t burn body fat for fuel.


Fat loss

Now what’s really really cool about shorter and more intense interval training is this: EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). It’s the after effect if you like from the short bit of hard work you did. We often refer to this as the after burn affect. This is a much more effective way for burning body fat long after you have finished training. But this is where the food we eat  is crucial. Elevating  blood sugars and creating an insulin response is a BIG NO NO! Remember, less insulin production = more fat burning!!!

The other thing that’s a must is incidental fitness. In other words walk everywhere. Take the stairs, park further away. Simply try to move daily as much as possible (minimum 20 minutes). Fat is the main fuel for low levels of aerobic activity, and as long you are not eating high carbohydrate foods and creating an insulin response you will steadily burn body fat. If you have a spare 20 minutes or even 15, chuck in a little circuit at home, something like lunges, squats, mountain climbers, burpees, dips, all in short sharp bursts with little recovery!


Muscle tone

It still amazes me how many people (you ladies especially) that think they are going to get big and bulky if they do some body weight exercises or weight training. Putting on size is a lot of hard work for guys, and almost impossible for girls.


  • If you have 1kg of muscle and 1kg of fat side by side, the 1kg of muscle would be approximately 20% smaller.
  • If you did a straight exchange for say 5kg of fat for 5kg of muscle, you would NOT be disappointed- your size would decrease, you would be firmer but your weight won’t have changed!




To cut a LONG story short, it’s short sharp bursts of exercise that will create an EPOC response for recovery, along with using those muscles to create HGH and muscle tone which will also further improve metabolism when recovering. Throw in daily incidental fitness everywhere you go and you will end up becoming a fat burning machine.

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