Does anyone else dream about breakfast when its only dinner time? Or is it just us? We just stumbled across this video of “Energy-boosting Toasts” And man are we drooling at the mouth… But isn’t bread no good? Isn’t it banned from our pantry especially if we are trying to lose weight? Isn’t bread the devil food? Just like so many other foods that taste so bloody good.

Lucky we have some good news for you…We’ve put together a few points to remember when choosing your bread and some actual info saying bread is GOOD for YOU! (in moderation) Yay!

  1. Choose a wholegrain or sourdough variety
  2. Bread can provide good nutritional benefits, including wholegrains, fibre, minerals and vitamins
  3. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend adults consume six serves of grains a day, and with one slice of bread or half a bread roll generally constituting a serve, then you can easily fit in a few sangas, rolls or toast slices each day.
  4. When choosing your bread opt for low gluten or breads that are easy to digest
  5. Buy from your local bakery or cafe (on the Gold Coast we have many cafes producing high quality, in house breads)
  6. Ask questions
  7. Don’t over indulge – portion out the loaf and keep in the freezer, bringing out one or two slices at a time
  8. Become aware of how you feel after eating… maybe some breads don’t agree with you? Maybe some do.
  9. And lastly, throw on heaps of yummy healthy toppings to bring that toast alive and make a meal of it.

For optimal health, it’s actually recommended that carbs make up 45 to 65 percent of our daily food intake to fuel our muscles and brain — plus help us sleep. BUT..Don’t think you can go and just stuff your face with pizza and burgers. When we say carbs, we mean the good kind and by healthy bread we are talking whole grain, sourdough, ezekiel, sprouted, multigrain; breads that are filled with seeds.

We’ll toast to that!

How good do those toast combo‘s look? Let us know which one is your fave in the comments below!

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