Living Longer Younger Blueprint and the Power of Holistic Anti-Aging

with Susanne and Ray Ridolfi

What the Living Longer Younger Blueprint will give YOU.


Desired Outcomes: Joyful Wellbeing, Positive, Look and Feel Younger, More Energised, Mobile and Flexible, Weight Managed, Fitter, More Relaxed with Improved Self Image and Focus

  • A deeper UNDERSTANDING of You, Your Needs and Wants and What Your Body, Mind and Soul craves to be HAPPY.
  • Sustainable VITALITY
  • A Passionate MIND with a positive ATTITUDE – you will have FUN!
  • Wellness Skills you incorporate into your daily life – a Tool Kit of HEALTHY HABITS!!!
  • A sense of ALIGNMENT to the Universal energy surrounding you – How to connect to Nature and the rhythms of Nature. How to best work with those rhythms to get the most out of what Nature
  • Personalise your path to FLOW – A life in Flow where things come together with ease and grace
  • A greater awareness of the role FOOD plays in your health and vitality and how to best nurture yourself with Wise Nutrition
  • A Youthful Body – an understanding of when and how to MOVE to create sustainable Energy – to practice regular balanced and enjoyable exercise is the key to a HAPPY Youthful Body!
  • Have you take plenty of ‘ME Time’ to Self Nurture . Better ME Time produces better ‘WE Time’
  • A greater connection to YOU, Your BODY, MIND and SOUL & the World around you –  accelerating you on the path to a Happy, Healthier YOU!!!

Who is the Living Longer Younger Blueprint for?

It’s for the time poor man or woman who often finds it difficult to squeeze in a healthy lifestyle.

It’s for the intelligent people who are ready to create a “way of life” that is healthy.

It’s for those who have trained their whole lives in numerous different diets and regimes.

It’s for the young at heart who don’t want to give up things they enjoy as they age.  And ..

IT’S FOR the man and woman who wants to be able to play with their grandkids for a long, long time.

How do we create this?

There are Six Keys to the Living Longer Younger Blueprint and the Power of Holistic Anti-Aging! 

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