Living Longer Younger

BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER, LONGER living for the mature!

The latest HOLISTIC Anti Ageing 12 week Program changing 40 plus men and women’s lives in Burleigh! 

Have you been wanting to improve your well being but aren’t sure where to start? The LIVING LONGER YOUNGER Program looks beyond the physical body, guiding YOU with the tools required to improve whole body health. 

Eat Wisely, exercise enthusiastically, sleep profoundly, play sexy, laugh often… AND have a passionate and curious attitude to LIFE!

If you’re looking to ReEnergise, ReCharge and ReNew you, then look no further than our HOLISTIC Anti Ageing 12 week program!

For a limited time, we’re opening up the program to new applicants. 

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The Six Keys to 'Living Longer Younger'

1. A Youthful and Passionate Mind – It’s all about your attitude.

2. A Youthful Body – Exercise Enthusiastically

3. Align Yourself and move with the Rhythms of Nature

4. Enjoy Dynamic Relationships – Listen to people’s wants and needs. Smile and Laugh often

5. Delicious Wise Nutrition – ENJOY your food and stay well HYDRATED

6. Love your Sound SLEEP

Program Outline


Ray became the oldest debut MMA cage fight competitor in Australasia at the age of 59

Ray and Susanne Ridolfi are great examples of looking and feeling dynamic in their Sixties.

Using the principles of Functional Energy Medicine, Ray has built an indepth knowledge in activating your natural Health and Wellness.

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