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Client: Zane Chapman








Client: Sam Johnson

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Laura Hoad

Hey Shane, Tonight was a Kick Ass Class! Really GREAT workout! 5 stars

Wayne Keating

I joined Shane’s classes to do something different from just going to the gym, and I think it’s fair to say I’m now addicted. The sessions are challenging and fun, but more importantly, after eight weeks, I have already noticed an increasein my fitness, discipline, confidence, and strength. And of course, what everyone loves, I’ve lost about 6 kilos. You MUST MUST MUST check it out, if only for the free intro class, you will not regret it.

Kira Mahoney

Interested in getting fit losing weight and toning up, Shane’s group classes are a fun, intense 40min way to achieve your goals!! Times and information on the page please like it!!!

Skye Hinton

Come and check out Beyond the Ultimate Personal Training. I have a 10 month old bub and put on 20 kgs when i was pregnant with him. After dropping a few through breast feeding, i thought the mummy baby belly was here to stay….however after training only for a couple of months with these guys i can proudly say that i have dropped a whole dress size!!!! and the baby belly is packing it bags and moving out! Plus i have more energy and confidence which is having a great effect on my relationship with my munchkin and those shorts i’ve been trying to squeeze into are going on with ease! Woohoo! Thank you so much for helping me become better than i was, once you start you just want more!

Chrystal Webster

You have got to try out Shanes Group training class! If your looking to tone up, lose weight, or just have some fun. Shane will have you sweating like never before, your body wont know what hit it. But you will feel so awesome!!

Susan Hammond

I have only been to a couple of classes so far but it was so good, Shane makes you go harder than you think you can, and the environment was so welcoming and encouraging would most defiantly recommend it to every one!!!!! I was hooked after the first class!!