Have you tried Yin yoga yet?

If you’re tired and craving energy, or you’re overstimulated with a racing mind, it might just be the answer.

Here’s a few things to know about yin yoga from our resident Yoga teacher Carla


  • breathing in and out through your nose will bring new energy, new prana to your lungs
  • new oxygen is going to clear every single cell in your body, which will improve your cardiovascular, circulatory & immune system
  • yoga will improve your mental health
  • keep you calm, centred and clear your head
  • will help you become more flexible, lose weight, tone & bend more easily
  • we are as young as we can bend our spine
  • the poses will help you to connect to yourself

The benefits of practising Yin Yoga

1. Gets your connective tissue moving

As floor poses mainly involve the hips, pelvis, inner-thighs and spine (areas rich in connective tissue) the tissue surrounding these areas is forced to stretch and become more flexible, meaning all of these areas will feel less stiff.

2. Balances your body and organs

Different Yin poses stimulates the blood-flow to internal organs, making it easier for them to work.

3. Calms your mind

Being still in a pose, as Yin poses are held for up to 5 minutes, has proven to be a great way to clear your head and focus your breathing, so you can totally relax and be in the moment.

4. Improves your stillness & stamina

Yin yoga focuses on the stamina of your core

5. Greater joint mobility

This practice will help to get your joints used to movement again, as they will be bending and working hard to keep your body in a certain position.

Tips for practising Yin yoga

• Find your appropriate edge: Move slowly and gently into the pose. Don’t go straight to your “maximum” in the pose and never stretch so far as to cause pain.
• Stillness: consciously try to release into the pose, and to remain still, without fidgeting or shifting position too much.
• Hold the position: start with holding a pose for 1-3 minutes and progress to 5 minutes or more.

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