Have you ever thought about what kind of mindset you have?

What is a mindset?

“A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.”

To easily determine how much success, happiness and wealth we achieve. It is important to look at the type of mindset we adopt in life. The state of mind we choose to live in could either be a really good thing, or a really detrimental thing.

Below are the different types of mindsets!


The Social Mindset

  • Love to hang around with people, make new friends, and just explore new cultures and ways of life.
  • Thrive on spending time with their friends.
  • Love talking to strangers, and being able to enjoy conversation with them.

The Growth Mindset

  • The desire and drive to grow
  • Always improving themselves.
  • Love challenging themselves and constantly being better than they were yesterday.
  • Always building their knowledge of themselves and the universe.

The Fear Mindset

  • People who let fear get the best of them are unable to use their time to the best of their ability.
  • The fear of what could go wrong
  • Leads to a very minimal and quite frankly, dull life.

The Lazy Mindset

  • You’re unlikely to possess the discipline to achieve big things
  • Your health is at risk
  • Your time is often being wasted

The Envy Mindset

  • Often jealous of other people who’re perhaps doing better than them.
  • It can be a motivational factor in pushing you towards taking action
  • You will waste time over other people easily
  • You may come across to others in a negative way

The Business Mindset

  • You love serving others.
  • You love to provide a service to people, and help change the world, whilst also be working for yourself and making your own path.
  • You possess the qualities needed to help others
  • You’re able to solve difficult problems
  • You can achieve financial freedom and independence

The Dreamer Mindset

  • The ability to dream big and think big.
  • Love to believe that anything is possible
  • You have the ability to come up with incredible visions for their future.

The Follower Mindset

  • Allows others to decide what’s in store for your future.
  • You don’t have complete control over your life, but you’re allowed to believe you do.
  • Those who go with the normal way of doing things. They don’t like to question things.

The Greed Mindset

  • Guilty of always wanting more.
  • You will always want more, and never fully be satisfied
  • You’re not focused on helping others, one of the prime purpose’s in life

The Gratitude Mindset

  • You appreciate the things you have a lot more
  • It keeps you humble, no matter how much success you achieve in life
  • It’s a lot easier for you to be a happy individual
  • You’ll make the most of the precious time you have

The Confident Mindset

  • The key to action and happiness.
  • You’re happier with yourself and the way you are
  • You’re more likely to take action on your goals
  • It’s easier for you in social situations

The Creative Mindset

  • You’re able to produce unique ideas that others couldn’t think of
  • You’re a natural problem solver
  • You possess a skill that is tough for others to master
  • Creativity could lead you to over-complicating the simplest of things

The Short-Term Mindset

  • When someone is addicted to things that will make them happy for a short period of time, right here in the present moment.
  • Results in being miserable in the long term later in life.
  • You’re reliant on addiction and lazy habits

The Angry Mindset

  • People who suffer from anger issues have the angry mindset.
  • Maybe they’ve gone through really tough situations in the past, and that’s led to them becoming an angry individual.
  • Taking things out on other people a lot of the time.

The Productive Mindset

  • Make the most of their time, and get tasks completed efficiently.
  • Able to work towards their goals at a much faster rate, and are unlikely to fall victim to distractions.
  • You find it easy to prioritize more important tasks over others
  • You can get work done efficiently and without distraction


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